While You Were Sleeping: Emma Watson’s Fake Nude Photo?

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Aside from the obvious takeaway from this story of a blog devoted to an ongoing divorce, you have to wonder: why do people insist on bringing their new girlfriends/boyfriends to family events where confused children are to be found? Can’t they at least wait until the amicable divorce goes through? What, the new girlfriend/boyfriend can’t do something else that night? Despicable.

More evidence has emerged that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while not necessarily guilty of hacking into users’ e-mails, certainly doesn’t give a damn for anyone else’s privacy.

We don’t think this figure is going to hold up to much scrutiny, but some folks are saying that Phoenix is going to lose $90 million, thanks to the slow-building boycott of Arizona.

We’re not fans, but maybe you are and care about this: No Doubt is back together and working on a new record.

Speaking of music we’re not into, Katy Perry recorded a song that her manager claims is a Big Star tribute. (She was probably one of those people who found out Alex Chilton died because it was a trending topic on Twitter — and she had no idea who he was.) 

More music news: Mary J. Blige will star as the great Nina Simone in a new biopic.

And you skimmed this post looking for the Emma Watson story, didn’t you? Fair enough. As we said, it’s a fake. For about three hours last night, everyone online went to look at a nude photo of "Emma Watson." As you can see above, it’s a fake. Move along now, next post…