While You Were Sleeping: Smiths Sex

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The new Facebook movie (aka The Social Network), starring Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg, presents Mark Zuckerberg as a creepy sex addict, as we’ve mentioned previously. Here’s more on that.

The weirdest video we’ve seen in ages: Russell Crowe and the creepy mercenary from "Lost" sing a seemingly-endless version of "Beautiful Girls" (sadly, not the Van Halen song) on Italian TV.

The Republicans killed a science research bill in Congress by forcing the Democrats to vote in support of pornography.

Real or fake: a Facebook app called the 9 Safest Ways To Have Unprotected Sex.

Strangely, people are still jailbreaking their iPhones and using them on other networks. This guy bought an old 2G and is using it on T-Mobile at a cost of only $60 per month.

Did you guys hear about the crazy-ass hailstorm that inundated Oklahoma City on Saturday. You certainly won’t forget it now, especially if you skip to about the :50 mark and wait for the apocalypse to rain down.

Jada Pinkett Smith still enjoys hot sex with her husband: "Keep it spontaneous," Jada said. "I surprise him. He’s a thinker. He’s always thinking. I just, I always surprise him…Now I don’t know if you want to get in on how I surprise him… During the day I might send a sexy picture of some sort. If he’s on set with me, we might take a break."