Alabama: The State With The Ballsiest, Craziest Political Ads

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Okay, forget what you think you know about Alabama; I know something you don’t and it’s not up for debate: That state has the ballsiest, most I-don’t-give-a-shit, brutally frank commercials in the whole darned world. Now I’ve never been to the "Heart of Dixie" and I’ve built up my share of Southern stereotypes, but still, this is some great advertising.

It all started with gubernatorial candidate Tim James and his outrageous "This is Alabamuh. Spake Ehnglush!" spot:
I thought: oh that’s funny; he’s legitimately pissed off at foreign languages. May I say this, Mr. James?
 But then came this head-scratching, slightly nauseating political attack ad:
You know you’re in Alabama when a belief in evolution is manipulated by political opponents as a point of weakness. But still, you have to admire how mean they are. 
Most recently came with this recent gem of a political spot from big time cowboy Dale Peterson, who’s running for Agricultural Commission. I don’t even know what that means but this guy is pissed off, semi-literate and laudably forthright. And he has a gun.
Despite any political grievances with any of these spots, you’ve got to give Alabama a hand; they got them some balls and they know how to make a damn commercial. Like this Errol Morris-approved, real-ass commercial floating around the interwebs. It’s not political, but before I saw it, I didn’t even know what a ballsy commercial was: 

I have no need for a mobile home here in New York but if I ever do, I swear I will buy it from that man: Robert Lee…massive balls. Something—however seemingly ignorant and backwards—is very frank in that state.