NYT On College: Save Your Money And Become A Plumber

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Echoing what the entire country has been saying for the past two years anyway, NYT asks if the four-year college degree is really worth it. Of course they couldn’t have said something like that right after the economic meltdown because it goes against their good liberal credo of Knowledge Is Power or whatever. Though they did hint at alternatives for all you poor-poors out there, like fixin’ motorcycles cause hey this white guy with a Ph.D did it and GOOD GOD NOT PUBLISHING. But now that college overenrollment is the norm and even their own kids are having a hard time getting in, that’s when their fancy-fonted foot comes down. Skip college, they say. Put your money (one-thousandth the cost of tuition) towards a trade school or an on-the-job apprenticeship. Making $50,000 a year as an electrician at age twenty doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Everyone should be on board with this, right? Not so much.* Everyone is on board with everyone else being on board with this, but everyone wishes you would just be a carpenter so that they can get that scholarship. It’s a lovely idea and it will work soooo well when the stigma against not attending college is gone, everyone have the exact same amount of money, and we can all make decisions based on want and not need.

*Or if you want to skip the article entirely, this clip from last week’s Community sums up everything.