I am thinking so many (sad) thoughts about this videogame, but I think it would be best to simply copy and paste the conversation I had with Scanner Ben:

Scanner James: Have you watched this yet?
Scanner Ben: Yes.
Scanner James: I like how the video warns that it "may contain content inappropriate for children."
Scanner James: But it DEFINITELY contains content inappropriate for everyone.
Scanner Ben: I was pretty jealous of those hot digital people in their hot tubs.
Scanner Ben: I've also never played a video game. Or seen The Bachelor.
Scanner Ben: Which is maybe why it looked like fun?
Scanner James: If only there was like, a videogame you could live inside so you could flirt and date but really feel like it was real, you know?
Scanner Ben: Um, you can already do that on World of Warcraft insta-chat, James!
Scanner Ben: (And there are dragons.)
Scanner James: Oh, of course! Duh.
Scanner James: I will say that I first thought the host was Chris Hanson, which amused me.
Scanner James: That would bring a whole new flavor to The Bachelor.
Scanner Ben: It would also bring a whole new flavor to NBC if it turned out Chris Hanson was a robot!
Scanner James: Yes, I imagine that would be quite the reveal.
Scanner Ben: It rubs the suntan lotion on the lady...
Scanner James: Have we had the carbon monoxide levels in this office checked recently?
Scanner Ben: If I go ao;eigjae;roighaoweigha
Scanner Ben: would you understand that that meant my head had fallen onto the keyboard?
Scanner James: Yes. I would recognize it from when I did the same thing after seeing this videogame.

Via Videogum.

Commentarium (2 Comments)

May 17 10 - 5:25pm

It's not obvious by the post, but you can click the image to watch the video. Man, this is just a game for masturbators, nothing else. Sad sad masturbators.

May 18 10 - 6:13am

1.) I'm super glad it includes the virtual host. What use would it be without him?
2.) Glad to see it's only Wii and Nintendo DS. Wouldn't want any adults to play this.