The Bachelor Videogame: Some Things Should Not Be Things

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I am thinking so many (sad) thoughts about this videogame, but I think it would be best to simply copy and paste the conversation I had with Scanner Ben:

Scanner James: Have you watched this yet?
Scanner Ben: Yes.
Scanner James: I like how the video warns that it "may contain content inappropriate for children."
Scanner James: But it DEFINITELY contains content inappropriate for everyone.
Scanner Ben: I was pretty jealous of those hot digital people in their hot tubs.
Scanner Ben: I’ve also never played a video game. Or seen The Bachelor.
Scanner Ben: Which is maybe why it looked like fun?
Scanner James: If only there was like, a videogame you could live inside so you could flirt and date but really feel like it was real, you know?
Scanner Ben: Um, you can already do that on World of Warcraft insta-chat, James!
Scanner Ben: (And there are dragons.)
Scanner James: Oh, of course! Duh.
Scanner James: I will say that I first thought the host was Chris Hanson, which amused me.
Scanner James: That would bring a whole new flavor to The Bachelor.
Scanner Ben: It would also bring a whole new flavor to NBC if it turned out Chris Hanson was a robot!
Scanner James: Yes, I imagine that would be quite the reveal.
Scanner Ben: It rubs the suntan lotion on the lady…
Scanner James: Have we had the carbon monoxide levels in this office checked recently?
Scanner Ben: If I go ao;eigjae;roighaoweigha
Scanner Ben: would you understand that that meant my head had fallen onto the keyboard?
Scanner James: Yes. I would recognize it from when I did the same thing after seeing this videogame.

Via Videogum.