The Grow-Your-Own-Rice Bra Is What’s For Dinner

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We brought you the bacon bra. We brought you carrot boners. We’ve obviously been slacking, though, since AOLNews did a story on the Grow-Your-Own-Rice Bra and we had never heard of it.

Apparently, this thing is really catching on. Even fashionistas are getting into it, and they’re always the last to know about new clothing trends.

"I think it might catch on," says Christianna Ablahad. "It’s good for anyone who wants to add to their bust line. Anyone who visited Fashion Week in Milan knows that boobs are back in a big way."

Boobs are back in a big way — good one, Christianna. I hope that pun was unintended.

The "Grow Your Own Rice Bra" was just introduced by the Japanese subsidiary of Triumph International, a lingerie company with a 100-year history.

Each cup is equipped with a mini rice paddy, and the garment comes with a belt perfect for holding stems and samples.

Ablahad admits that the Grow Your Own Rice Bra isn’t for everyone, but she believes it might inspire designers like Karl Lagerfeld to at least consider dresses with rice paddy patterns. [AOLNews]

What? Have you seen the pictures of this thing? It’s hilariously unappealing as anything other than a gag. 

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