Top 5 Reasons To Love The New Miss USA

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During last night’s widely-ignored Miss USA showdown on NBC (sorry, everyone else was watching real TV — like "The Pacific," "Treme," or "Breaking Bad" — and probably all three), Rima Fakih, the reigning Miss Michigan, took home the crown after a stunning performance.

She was stunning because of these five reasons (in no particular order.) However, I’m sure there were at least a dozen more, which I would’ve learned if the broadcast promised to be even half this appealing.

5. When it came to the controversial "current events" question portion, the same roadblock Carrie Prejean stumbled over last year in coining the term "opposite marriage," Fakih handled it beautifully. The question: should birth control be covered by private insurance. Her answer: "I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance." Boom. Automatic winner.

4. Upon capturing the crown, she was asked for a reaction. Her reaction: "Ask me after I’ve had a pizza." Now, that’s a role model we can all look up to.

3. According to Jezebel, Fakih "also made it her mission to bridge the cultural conservatism of her community, anti-Arab prejudice, and pageantry."

2. The Arab-American community, which is particularly sizeable in Michigan, frowned upon the idea of an Arab-American beauty queen and reacted negatively to the photos she released online. Fakih countered this by saying she had used a Muslim photographer, so they should just deal. She added that she hopes her victory will ensure a huge amount of Arab-American girls try out next year.

1. Hot damn, have you seen that photo above? Fishnets FTW.