Woody Allen Defends Polanski At Cannes: “He Has Paid His Dues”

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It’s nice when friends come to each others’ defense. Especially when they’re rich director friends and what they’re defending is the right to sexually abuse little girls. Ok, that’s not exactly what was said, but Woody did speak out against Polanski’s totally opulent and not-actually-internment internment at Cannes Film Festival last week:

He’s an artist, he’s a nice person, he did something wrong and he paid for it. [The critics] are not happy unless he pays the rest of his life. They would be happy if they could execute him in a firing squad.

I’d like to know what was said in place of [the critics]. Who exactly wants a firing squad to kill Roman Polanski? I think Woody Allen would like to think everyone would like to kill everyone with a firing squad.

There are a million people out there in the United States, robbing banks … shooting people and selling narcotics. And they’re going after a 75-, 77-year-old man who has for years has caused no trouble who’s lived a good life.

Nope! He did not live a good life. He made a bunch of really great films but he was also capable of making something like this. But you can’t punish someone for having a sick mind. However, you can punish someone for molesting a 13-year-old girl and more recently, a 16-year old girl.

I feel they are wasting a lot of money to do this and it is not necessary … it is self-aggrandizing and it’s money foolishly spent.