Conan O’Brien’s Five Favorite YouTube Videos

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On the fifth anniversary of YouTube, Coco’s been invited to curate the wild and wacky interwebs and pick his five favorite YouTube videos. In his intro, he pays tribute to its (nation-destroying) brilliance:

"If you’re like me, America, you spend an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube. That’s probably why our country’s economy is in the toilet. Nobody actually makes anything anymore, we’re all watching monkeys in propeller hats flush themselves down a toilet. That’s why India is kicking our ass."

Like all of Conan’s forays onto the internet (recall his splendid Twitter feed), it’s great. His sensibilities lean towards the everyman, the plights of common citizens. He’s got a good-hearted affection for people screwing up, geeking out on video games, and getting attacked by their cats. And like any comic, a good old-fashioned love of the f-bomb.

Happy birthday, YouTube!