It’s Only Been A Day But Miss USA Is Already Caught Up In A Scandal

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Just yesterday, we were singing the praises of the entertaining and inspiring new Miss USA, Rima Fakih, the Arab-American beauty from Dearborn, Michigan.

Much like last year’s runner-up Carrie Prejean, it only took a day or so for a full-blown, crown-endangering scandal to hit the press.

Donald Trump‘s Miss USA pageant is looking into a stripper pole scandal that has engulfed newly crowned winner Rima Fakih on Day One of her reign.  Radio host Mojo from Detroit’s Mojo In The Morning told that a pageant spokesperson called their station "asking for the pictures and wanting to know more details."

Uh, oh. Judging by these pictures and the fact that Trump takes a hardline on anything that might tarnish his (organization’s) image, we could be looking at a soon-to-be-deposed champion here.


The stripper photos don’t appear to be any more risque than the final shot, from the actual pageant, so this should blow over.

Of course, we may be a bit biased, particularly since nutjob right-wing bloggers have claimed she only won because of Affirmative Action. She should get to keep her title just to stuff it in the faces of those morons.