This Amazing Video of Eyjafjallajökull Is Cheating

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Look, I’m not saying this time-lapse video of Iceland’s most grumpy volcano isn’t awe-inspiring. It’s obviously a very beautiful way of reminding us of the unending beauty of the natural world and nature’s awesome power and blah blah Discovery Channel blah. But this video cheats:

Why? Because it’s paired with a song by Icelandic singer Jonsi, who also happens to be the front man of Sigur Ros. It happens to be a bit more appropriate in this example, given the country of origin, but I propose that you could pair any video with a song by this artist and his associated acts and it becomes a sweeping emotional journey of towering complexity and musical brilliance. Look:

 Children of Men Trailer:

Planet Earth Trailer:

Grey’s Anatomy Fan Video:

Oh, two hits and a miss! But it doesn’t matter that I don’t care about Grey’s Anatomy, or fan videos, or fake doctors kissing in black and white (and I really don’t). As soon as I hear the dulcet tones of that Icelandic piano and an otherworldly voice, I may as well be the biggest Grey’s fan on Earth. Their songs are emotional rooffies. Beware.

(That being said, the volcano video is still really, super cool.)

Via Gizmodo.