We Missed Out On ‘National Women Bring Us Sandwiches Day’

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Did your favorite Stepford Wife bring you a sandwich yesterday before the midnight deadline? Well, she damn well should’ve, and maybe a beer while she’s at it.

The Facebook group Women Bringing You Sandwiches created "National Women Bringing YOU Sandwiches DAY [sic]," which took place yesterday and had more than 53,000 "yes" RSVPs.

As if women aren’t supposed to be bringing us sandwiches every damn minute, on command.

Here’s to women bringing you, yes YOU, a sandwich.

1. Find a woman.
2. Tell her you want her to bring you a sandwich now (don’t forget to say please so she is more willing and much happier about it!)
3. Tell her exactly what you want! 🙂
4. EAT the DELISH sandwich and ENJOY! ♥ mmhmm tastey!
5. INVITE ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to this awesome event! (and tell them to become a fan of the page! we’d greatly appreciate it)

Spread the word!

side notes:
women can bring other women sandwiches too!
and while it is a daily event for some, we want to make it a celebration!! make it extra awesome. 🙂

FULL DISCLOSURE: hopefully, this is satire (as this post was meant to be.) Remember what Homer Simpson said: "Be generous in bed. Share you sandwich."