Woman Sues Her Cell Phone Company For Uncovering Her Affair

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When we hear about a husband finding out about his wife’s affair because of her cell phone, we usually know the whole story right off the bat: wife forgets to delete texts, husband is suspicious about her long hours, find the secret texts, husband confronts wife, etc. (The genders can be reversed, of course.)

Of course, the case of Gabriella Nagy is quite different, and not just in light of her ongoing lawsuit against Rogers Wireless for supposedly "exposing" her affair in the first place.

From the Huffington Post, via the Toronto Star, we learn that Nagy opened her account with the Ontario company under her maiden name — but had the monthly charges billed to her home address. (It’s a bit unclear how she thought this was preventing her husband from seeing them — did she have an e-bill or something?) When her husband opened a landline with the same company, Rogers Wireless culled the two accounts into one bill, since they were living together — even though they were using different last names. (It’s possible that the husband signed off on this move and, therefore, the company isn’t even remotely responsible.)

The bill came, the husband opened it, saw that there were multiple calls on his wife’s cell phone account to the same mysterious line, and… well, you can figure out the rest. Now, the wife is suing:

She contends that Rogers "unilaterally terminated its cellular contract with her and […] included it in the husband’s account that was under his surname" without informing her, adding that her job performance suffered after her husband left, and she was fired in October of 2007. "I lost everything," she said. "I want others to know what a big corporation has done. I trusted Rogers with my personal information. We had a contract — and agreement that put my life right in their hands." [HuffPo]

La-da-daa-ddaaa-ddieee-daaa… that’s the world’s worst small violin, playing just for your busted ass…