Now, THIS Is What A Miranda Kerr Topless Shoot Should Look Like…

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Lawdy, lawdy… what selfless deeds did we perform in a previous life to be rewarded with two Miranda Kerr topless shoots… in the same week?

The first one was admittedly disastrous — Kerr came off looking smokin’ hot… but not remotely like herself. This time, there should be no argument from readers about whether or not it’s even her — the famous eyebrows and lips are in full effect — although some might say, "Too skinny." Aren’t all these models?

Thanks to GQ and The Superficial for making our weeks complete — and it’s only Wednesday.

P.S. We know some dumbass blocked out her boobs with that "ANGEL" sign in one of the pics, but they didn’t block it out enough… and, of course, bottomless Miranda Kerr! We never thought we’d see the day.