Obama Uses Strongest Obama Language To Date

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We have all been waiting SO LONG for Obama to finally shit on the GOP. We all want to hear it, we all know he’s thinking it, and Obams bit his lip for long enough so no one will think he’s scapegoating. But for some reason it’s still looked down upon for a president to criticize the previous administration. It’s just not cool. It would be like a kid making fun of his dad in front of his friends, unless of course your dad took all your bar mitzvah money and invested it in some mutual funds he knows nothing about and also decided he’s really into cars that year. What I’m saying is that Bush took all of our bar mitzvah money and Obama has a right to be mad about it. At a fundraiser a few days ago Obama finally decided to use some colorful language (and by colorful language I mean an adorable yet strongly-worded metaphor).