This Is By Far The Worst Way To Increase Your Popularity On Twitter

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It’s understandable to want more followers on Twitter. You can make your voice heard, or make new friends, or just show more people pictures of your cat/boyfriend/innocent child being cute. So I’m not questioning that desire. But there are right ways, and there are wrong ways. Can anyone tell me which this is:

Good job, everyone — that is clearly a wrong way. And can anyone tell me why? What’s that, you say? "Because that is a tattoo that will be on you forever and what if we don’t even have Twitter in a few years and my GOD you couldn’t just get a flower or some Chinese symbols or something?"

Close, but not quite! The obvious reason that’s a wrong way is because you can’t even see her handle. (Look, if you’re going to commit, commit right.)

(Speaking of! Did you know you can follow Nerve on Twitter? It’s so true! @Nerve, you guys. Before we brand it on our foreheads.)

Via Jezebel.