Five Reasons to Watch Tonight’s Season Finale of Parks and Recreation

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1. For Fans of Good Causes
Parks and Recreation only had six episodes in its first season, and frankly, they were not very funny. Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, was annoying and the plot focused too much on one thing: a hole in the ground. Because of the subpar season, most people didn’t bother tuning in for its sophomore year. Shame on them, as Parks has become the best comedy on NBC’s Thursday nights — and possibly the funniest show on TV (or at least up there with Party Down and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Although the quality has been fantastic, the ratings have been anything but, and NBC has decided to not air Parks‘ third season until January. So everyone – watch tonight’s episode! Make the ratings amazing – it’s never too late.

2. For Fans of Non-Obnoxious Romances

The best "Will They, Won’t They?" on TV right now is April and Andy on Parks. She’s gorgeous and sarcastic, he’s goofy and lovable. Together, they’re what Pam and Jim used to be. And there’s basically no chance that April and Andy will have a baby, either.

3. For Fans of Arrested Development

Here’s what The A.V. Club had to say about last week’s episode: "It’s been a long, long time since a show had a season as airtight as the season Parks and Recreation is having. Honestly, it may be since the heyday of Arrested Development." For a comedy to be compared to the second season of Arrested, well, that’s like comparing a new novel to War and Peace.

4. For Fans of Hot Dudes

Ladies (and gay men), that’s for you.

5. For Fans of Gloating

Aziz Ansari is making a bigger name for himself lately (largely thanks to his alter-ego, Raaaaaaaandy), but he still hasn’t become a big time star like Seth Rogen or Jason Segel. Then it was announced he’ll be hosting the MTV Movie Awards on June 6, meaning he’s getting that much closer to becoming one of the biggest names in comedy. I recommend watching him now on Parks so that you can say, "Oh Aziz, I was a fan before he got big." Hopefully the person won’t bring up Human Giant, though…