Megan Fox Cut From ‘Transformers 3’ And The World Still Turns

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Say what you will about the intelligence of an actress who doesn’t have the sense not to compare the man that gave her fame and success to Hitler, but she knows how to craft an insult.

God, I really wish I could go loose on this one. He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he’s not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he’s so awkward, so hopelessly awkward. He has no social skills at all. And it’s endearing to watch him. He’s vulnerable and fragile in real life and then on set he’s a tyrant. Shia and I almost die when we make a Transformers movie. He has you do some really insane things that insurance would never let you do.

First she compared Michael Bay to Napoleon, the most angry and tiny man. Then she busts out with the Hitler comparison which, while NEVER apt, always packs a punch. And then she goes the but really I just feel sorry for him route and calls him "awkward" and "vulnerable" and "fragile" – like all great/awful men of power, really. Lastly, she namedrops Shia LaBeof whom, despite his "bad boy" image, still makes me think of Coop from Wet Hot American Summer.

Unfortunately, Michael Bay is the one with all the money and power and influence and she just makes inflammatory remarks in magazines next to almost-naked spreads of herself, so she won’t be acting in the upcoming Transformers 3.