Michelle Rodriguez From ‘Lost’ In A Glorious See-Through

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Remember Michelle Rodriguez/Ana Lucia from the great television series "Lost"? You probably saw her briefly in Tuesday night’s episode, and she may or may not pop up again in the sideways world in the longer-than-Gone-With-The-Fucking-Wind series finale on Sunday. Of course, her character will probably be in that tiresome police uniform and not in the preferred black-tank-top-and-jeans getup she was seen in on the island… but no matter: Rodriguez is overseas attending the World Music Awards and not stuck in oh-my-God-I-thought-it-was-supposed-to-be-warm-in-May New York with Hugo and Jin and some other cast members that have been hanging out in Brooklyn this week and, therefore, can wear something suitably sexy.

Moving on… this photo. What can be said about it? Only that you gals and gay dudes had Sawyer and Jack and Jin and Sayid and even that underrated stud John Locke, while we’ve lately on had… Kate Austin. How we long for the days of Season 2, before Michael had to get all shooty, when Eko threw Ana L. down the rabbit hole with Sawyer, Jin and Mike, and she stole Sawyer’s gun and double-crossed everyone and then turned out — okay, I’ll stop now.

The pic:

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