Naked Yoga Protester Proves Parliament Is Way Better Than Congress

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The House of Parliament has always been an intriguing place for me. I was there during a 2003 debate over the Iraq War and will never forget just sitting there with about eighteen other people, all looking at each other with expressions that read "holy shit, this is history in the making, right here." Congress has never been half as interesting, not even on its most raucous days over its most controversial bills.

Even the goings-on outside of Parliament are more interesting. We get Tea Parties harassing and spitting on Congressmen in front of the building, they get naked anti-war/pro-yoga protestors. "Troops out of Afghanistan!" shouted the unidentified woman — unidentified because, unlike in America, the cops didn’t beat her up and arrest her. They simply hauled her off the cab she had, uh, mounted and sent her on her merry way.

(Side note: did anyone else notice it’s still only £30 to fly one-way from London to Milan? No, you were probably too busy staring at her butt.)