Rand Paul Either Believes In The Right To Discriminate, Or He Really Doesn’t Like Answering Questions

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Maybe it bores everywhere to point out "Hey look at that idiot on the cable news show," but if you saw Rachel Maddow last night you would be like "Hey look at Rand Paul on Rachel Maddow, he is an idiot and probably a bad person, too." The Republican Senate primary winner for Kentucky (gooooo Kentucky!) made it known that he feels private businesses should be allowed to discriminate against race or sexual orientation last night. And he did this by repeating "I think racism is wrong" over and over again, and then by giving us history lessons in nothing so we all know that Rand Knows His History, and then by refusing to answer Rachel’s ONE question directly, and then by invoking the First Amendment so we’d all be distracted but impressed with his taking-a-stand-ness. (And he talks really, really slowly so it took just about forever). The fact that he refuses to directly answer, "Do you think [private businesses] had a legal right to do so, to put up a ‘Blacks Not Served Here’ signs?" pretty much speaks for itself. 

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Note Rand’s confused grunting at 9:25 and the pity in Rachel’s eyes pretty much throughout. You can see the whole thing here.