Caption This: Emma Watson And Some Creepy English Gits

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Okay, so they’re actors and not English "gits" (at least not that we know of), but how perfect is this publicity photo of some of the Harry Potter cast members checking out the new Disney theme park based on the series? And by perfect I am, of course, referring only to Emma Watson.

Seriously, though, if anything could ever make me want to revisit Walt Disney World without a pack of rambunctious children or a heavy dose of methamphetamine, and preferably at least the latter, this new park would be it. I want to go on a simulated broom ride (do they have that?), I want to find out what butterbeer tastes like (see the sign in the far background, center), and I want to see if children think I am Harry Potter, since I look like him. (Most do so without me having to ask them who I look like. My brother actually could pass for Daniel Radcliffe among far more skeptical adults.)

Moving on to the photo:

Harry Potter stars check out the new Disney theme park