Marc Jacobs Got Naked For His Own Ad

Marc Jacobs posed nude to launch his own men's fragrance

The economy is in such lousy shape these days, designer/fashion/perfume dude Marc Jacobs is forced to be his own model. And who wants see Marc Jacobs sit around on what looks like a... well, whatever that is... with his clothes on?

Via Jezebel:

Here is Marc Jacobs and his new men's perfume. It's like Tom Ford and Juergen Teller had a meeting, and this is what they came up with. "We tried it with clothes, but it didn't work," claims Jacobs.

Get it? His dick is so big, they had to add an extra flap at the top to cover his boner. Of course, they could've just moved the shiny thing higher, but whatever.

Via WWD.

Commentarium (2 Comments)

May 21 10 - 1:32pm

Yet another reason to be jealous of Marc Jacobs.

May 21 10 - 2:03pm

Why would someone ever wear a cologne called "Bang"?