Pixar Artist Updates “Little Golden Books” With Violent And Sexy Movies

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Everyone remembers Little Golden Books, right? The children’s book series that included such literary masterpieces as The Poky Little Puppy (which won both the Booker prize and the Pulitzer the year it came out [Note to self: fact check before publishing.])? Well, Josh Cooley, an animator who worked on films like Cars and Ratatouille updated these classics for today’s more discerning, worldly child. By combining them with movies like The Silence of the Lambs:

A scene from Silence of the Lambs, drawn as a children's book, by animator Josh Cooley

I think that would actually teach a child some important life lessons, like don’t get into vans with strange men unless you want to be a coat or a lampshade. The rest of the images — with everything from The Graduate to Se7en — are all pretty great, and can be found over at Cooley’s blog.