Rand Paul Changes Stance On Discrimination, Acts Like A Politician

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Rand Paul defends stance on immigration

Yesterday, we wrote about Rand Paul’s appearance on The Rachel Maddow show on Wednesday night, where he dodged a direct question about discrimination. She asked if he’d support a business’s right to promote a "No Blacks Allowed" type policy, and he didn’t answer.

Which pissed a bunch of people off, unsurprisingly. It was kind of like when a gay conservative senator (or figure skating champion) does the whole "neither-confirm-nor-deny" thing when asked about their sexuality. It’s code for gay as a whistle – or in this case, as racist as a…super-racist thing.

Rand Paul, however, then spent the rest of the day squiggling around and changing his story. He issued a statement yesterday afternoon saying that he would not have voted against the Civil Rights Act, and then got a bit hissy on Wolf Blitzer and tried to reiterate that he’s not a racist.

Whether you believe him or not, it’s certainly a good political move, since nobody in their right mind is actually still talking about whether the Civil Rights Act was a good idea, (except, oh wait, now everybody is, goddamnit). But, jumping back on the wagon of political correctness also doesn’t do a whole lot to make me believe you either.