Washington State Passes A Candy Tax And Now I Fear For My Affordable Candy

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candy corn

I can think of worse things than a candy tax. Unlike some fine folk in this country, I don’t think all taxes are bad. Money in this country comes from taxpayers! Maybe we can even tax the top 1% of the country, according to income? Then we could repair highways and hire teachers?

Still, a candy tax is bound to piss people off the way the proposed soda tax pissed of New York state.

Soda is bad for you – this is true. But it’s still going to hit the lower income brackets the hardest. (We all can’t afford to spend $4.99 per 16oz bottle of organic Lakewood pomegranete-cranberry juice.) But the way that soda is a lower-income beverage subsitute, the same isn’t true with candy – even though these taxes are still a blanket invective against unhealthy sugared foods in general. (Which won’t work, in that sugar freaks can not be turned away from addiction, but WILL work in that these states will make money from it.) So it’s just another case of "Grr, taxes, you guys!" but they have to come from somewhere.