AOL Turns Twenty-Five And Freaks Out Like The Rest Of Us

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But while most twenty-five-year-olds are drumming their hands on their heads and thinking about grad school, AOL is designing a new business model to recoup all the money it’s losing as everyone’s grandma drops their dial-up service for DSL. Everyone’s different. But did you know that AOL – which you thought only your mom read for beauty tip advice – has actually been plugging away to become the internet’s premiere, um, source of content?

The Company Has Soaring Ambitions, writes Michael Rosenwald at The Washington Post: "AOL wants to be the biggest newspaper (and magazine and TV network and movie theater) on the Web, creating millions of pages of news, reviews, statistics, how-to guides — any content around which it can sell ads. [The Atlantic]

Good luck with that. Actually, AOL’s been pretty successful creating a bunch of highly-esteemed blogs it rightly kept its name off of for a while (Cinematical, Engadget, PoliticsDaily), knowing that anyone with a gmail account wouldn’t give it a second glance. But now that its turning twenty-five and undergoing a re-branding that will be cutely likened to a late-adolescent identity crisis, its becoming more confident in attaching its name to things.