Brits Flipping Out Over ‘Abortion Ad’ That Doesn’t Have Much To Do With Abortion

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The word "abortion" doesn’t even appear in the ad. The ad is airing over in Britain, where there’s no sign of Ron Paul, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, or any of those dangerous anti-choice wackos. But it’s clear the right-wing movement is gaining steam across the sea, thanks to the building controversy over a TV spot for an abortion clinic.

The thirty-second spot, which is set to air Monday on the UK’s Channel 4, will ask viewers "are you late?" It will then provide the number of a helpline run by Marie Stopes International, an abortion and sexual health clinic. The UK’s Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice actually bans for-profit companies from advertising abortion services, but since Marie Stopes is a nonprofit, the ban doesn’t apply to them. However, the commercial won’t run in Northern Ireland, where abortion is still illegal. [via]

The 30-second clip is below. It’s hard to imagine anything so vague whipping up any degree of anger, but this is abortion we’re talking about. The mere fact that Britain is finally allowing an abortion clinic to broadcast this ad is enough to set off a shitstorm…

Sorry for the image that had almost nothing to do with this post, but the video had a stroller in it and we’ve been dying to use this on Scanner.