Jesse James Is Not The Most Hated Man In America

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Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's soon to be ex-husband.

He’s the "Most Hated Man In The World", thank you very much, and he would appreciate it if you referred to him by his proper title. James sat down with Nightline for a tell-all interview which will air tomorrow night, but they released this video clip today, and through it I’ve learned all kinds of fascinating things. For instance: Jesse James sounds surprisingly like my ninth-grade social studies teacher.

But a more important thing I’ve learned is that if only Sandra Bullock had been a bit smarter, maybe a bit more on the ball about this whole infidelity thing, James wouldn’t have had to cheat so much! You see, he knew how awful it was when he was doing it, and all he really wanted was to get caught.

You might think that would be as easy as leaving incriminating texts on your cellphone, or putting one of Michelle McGee’s bras in the bedroom, or having public sex on the set of The Proposal, but that would really be missing the spirit of the endeavor. That’s why you have to try so hard to cover everything up. Naturally.

Via People.