Rand Paul Does Says/Does A Bunch Of Other Inflammatory/Weird Stuff

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Rand Paul

No, we’re not totally sick of talking about it. A few things have happened since the hubbub over his Rachel Maddow appearance:

1) He went on Good Morning America and told everyone to go easy on BP because they’re doing the best they can (the best they can to manage the explosion, eleven deaths and subsequent fucking up of the Gulf Stream that happens when you get all "whatevs" with an oil rig).

2) Paul cancelled his appearance on Meet the Press which no one except a Saudi prince and  Minister Farrakhan has ever done.

3) He drew this picture.

He’s also probably considering getting a new publicist because the one he has now didn’t tell him who Rachel Maddow was or that he reaaally shouldn’t go on her show. Check out this clip of Paul discussing the appearance with some conservative talk radio host we’ve never heard of. He repeats the same anecdotes.