Jon Lovitz Owes $94,000 In Dodgers Tickets?

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Jon Lovitz

The always excellent Jon Lovitz is in the news for failing to pay over $90,000 in Dodgers season tickets. Outside of my initial reaction of "Leave Lovitz alone, Dodgers!" I’m a little confused by this:

The lawsuit claims Lovitz and 100 other individuals entered into a written agreement in March 2008 to buy three dugout club seats for all baseball games played at Dodger Stadium in 2008, 2009 and 2010. [AP]

Firstly, I know very little about organized sports other than being made to play them as a small child. But among the many things I just don’t understand about baseball (stats, rankings, what innings are, etc.) is the deal with season tickets. Are season tickets like timeshares? Can you can go in on them with many different people and take turns using them? And how do you get over a hundred people to agree on season tickets? It’s hard to find enough people to make splitting a cab affordable. Then again, most of us don’t make Jon Lovitz dollars (a joke and also not a joke). No matter what, one hundred people are too many people to keep their word on anything – especially when its season tickets to a Dodgers game they went in on because one hundred other people were doing it. The whole thing has me confused. Sports. Dodgers. Liking Jon Lovitz too much.