Know The Financial Worth Of Every U.S. President

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 Woman Celebrating Her Big Pile Of Money

Have you ever wanted to know the financial worth of every American president? Of course you have. People love money and knowing how much of it other people have. Money! America. The Atlantic made a handy little list of the *estimated* net worth of every U.S. president at their peak worth, and in 2010 dollars. Notes:

  • George Washingington was our most crazy-rich president to date with a net worth of $525 million (which really isn’t fair because this was in the 1700s)
  • Lincoln, Buchanan, Garfield and Grant weren’t worth SHIT and the same goes for all those guys around the 1850s
  • All the old money trust-funders like FDR, Kennedy and the Bushes were rolling in it
  • LBJ could buy you if he wanted to
  • Obama is roughly worth five million (no editorializing there, it’s jus’ interesting).