Obama Approves Compromise On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Lt. Dan Choi protests the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy outside the White House.

Which means that gay men and women will be able to serve openly in the military…next year-ish. Probably. Basically, what happened is this: Obama approved a set of amendments to the defense spending bill which would effectively repeal the policy. However, the repeal wouldn’t take effect until after Secretary of Defense Robert Gates completes a study on whether this would harm the troops, which Obama would then have to approve as well. This is due in December.

And while that seems good if not great (good in the sense that they’re taking action, not great in the sense that they need to perform a "study" which they all know is just going to tell them exactly what they already think, which is that allowing gays to serve openly won’t harm the military at all, and they could have just asked these guys), there is always the chance that the Republicans could block the amendment. Which, of course, they have promised to do.

For the moment, though, let’s focus on the positive…while still keeping an eye out for the negative. Blind optimism never helps, after all.

Via the Washington Post.