Science: Guys With Six Packs Aren’t Any Hotter Than Pudgy McPuggerson

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Six pack abs at the gymWe wouldn’t have believed it ourselves, but then a genuine scientific survey came along and changed our minds! Can you tell we’re being sarcastic? (Good, because no one should take these random university research studies as fact, since someone else’s random university research study comes out next month and refutes the first one.)

But we’re hoping that this one will stick, if for no other reason than to serve as a wake-up call to advertisers that think skinny people are the only people we want represented on TV. From the Times of India:

Six packs are not such a big deal after all— an Australian research that examined viewers’ responses to different male body types in advertisements found that an average-sized man is just as appealing as a bulked-up Adonis.

And the respondents in the University of Queensland study rated images of slender or slightly chubby masculinity at least as highly as those with well-defined six-packs, according to study leader, Phillippa Diedrichs.

And he suggested that successful campaigns did not have to portray only rock hard biceps and rippling abs.

Image via. You’ll note I didn’t use anything "Jersey Shore"-related… and you’re welcome for that.