Watch French First Lady Carla Bruni Talk Dirty In Seven Languages

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French First Lady Carla Bruni appearing on the TV show Eurotrash promoting a book that helps you talk dirty in seven languages.

Back when Carla Bruni was just a model, and not a first lady who looks like a model, she appeared on the show Eurotrash (along with designer Jean Paul Gaultier, natch) to talk up some sort of pan-European dirty-guide. Just in case you need to say something like "Do you like my titties" in seven different European languages. (Spoiler alert: every single person on the show treats this as a perfectly reasonable, if perhaps inevitable, expectation.)

But — zut alors! — the French government has been busy taking any and all clips off the internet. And, while I can totally see why someone/some government might be embarrassed by this clip and seek to wipe it from the planet, I feel like you’re just asking for the Streisand Effect. (Which they’ve clearly gotten.) Luckily, Gawker has a clip of the video, which you can still watch here.

Also, obviously, this only makes me love Carla Bruni more. Get down with your bad self, Madame.