Adriana Lima Got Topless For Fancy Photobook

Adriana Lima posing for Fraulein

It's quite a shock to go from yesterday's side-boob-and-crotch-shots post about Crystal Renn, the so-called "plus-size" model, to this one with Adriana Lima, who is too skinny, even by the fashion industry's standards.

But that never stopped anyone from wanting to see her naked, as photographer Ellen von Unwerth knows too well. She's the author of that book "Fraulein," the one with all the naked supermodels in it. Here's her recently-leaked spread featuring Lima, recently voted the third-hottest woman in America... even though she's, um, not American.

Adriana Lima on the floor for Fraulein

Adriana Lima in the photo book Fraulein

And one from the recent past:

Adriana Lima topless

Your "is that a 14-year-old boy?" witticisms in the comments, please.

Commentarium (6 Comments)

May 26 10 - 4:15pm

Jesus. Will someone, anyone, please take her out and force-feed her some beef products? And I don't mean dick.

May 26 10 - 5:10pm
Jake A

Not the third hottest. Not the 3,003rd hottest.

May 26 10 - 10:37pm

I can feed her some meat products, and I do mean my dick.

Aug 13 10 - 6:25pm

She looks great.It seems that long hair is not necessary.

Mar 31 11 - 4:31am
James Woods

Only fatties would say she's too skinny!