Some BP-Related Humor For You

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It’s nice when we can all agree to hate something and then work uniformly to hate it 2tehmax. Maybe make some jokes at its expense? But you still have to be thoughtful, especially if it’s a touchy subject matter. Some time must pass before jokes are made. You have to test the waters. Ask yourself if the joke has a point, and if this point is worth being made. Put yourself in the position of the victims. How would they feel if they heard this joke? Would it empower them or just make them feel worse? Luckily these questions are almost completely irrelevant with BP as the public has given the universal HATE green light. So let’s make oil lemons into [whatever joke] and let the humor times roll.

From Second City:


And have you seen BP’s fake Twitter account? Here are some faves:

(Sorry about the red outline. Scanner scientists are plugging away at creating a better cropping tool.)