Last Links: The Clip That Finally Answers All Our Lost Questions

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Don’t say we never did anything for you: go here to download the Roots’ new single "Dear God 2.0" for free.

As oil continues to flood into the Gulf of Mexico and people play hot potato with the responsibility of fixing it, some enterprising people realized this was the perfect time to give BP’s old commercials a bit of an update.

We here at Scanner are a bit split when it comes to the ending of Lost, but at least we can all admit that had this been the final shot, most if not all of our questions would have been answered.

Well, if this baby’s dad doesn’t see anything wrong with him smoking cigarettes, who are we to argue? Oh wait, that’s right: people who aren’t insane. Someone get that away from the baby.

Fun fact: this video of two incredibly cute children arguing is also a pretty faithful representation of what happens when Scanner Ben and I have a disagreement.

And finally, on the heels of the compromise that might lead to the end of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell", the Daily Beast features this essay written anonymously by a gay man serving in Afghanistan.