Man Proposes To His Girlfriend… Via Tattoo

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Joe Wittenberg obviously wasn’t crazy about marriage. He waited nine years, including six months after the birth of his daughter, to ask Rachel Streeter to stick with him until the apocalypse, or 2012, whichever’s sooner.

Wittenberg, a tattoo artist, created a stencil asking Streeter to marry him, then tattooed it to his leg. What happened to the right forearm tattoo, where the Hell’s Angels used to put their "I Love My Mommy" tats? Anyway, it worked — he flashed his hairy gam for Streeter on Mother’s Day. And she accepted:

"He scored some points for putting my name on him for sure," Streeter told the local news.

Strangely, the tattoo reads: "Rachel. will you marry me? – Of course [heart]" Did he add that after she said yes?

Tattoo proposal