Survey Proves No One Will Quit Facebook Over Privacy Concerns

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So, Mashable asked its readers why they were going to quit Facebook and the answers came back with a surprising… "wait, we’re leaving Facebook? Who said anything about leaving Facebook?" Seriously, it’s impossible to quit Facebook now. Everyone thinks it’s your personal e-mail and sends you messages through it. No one e-mails their friends to tell them they’re engaged anymore — they just post "Chandra Jackson is engaged" on their wall and save themselves having to assemble a mass e-mail and write text for it.

And the parties… Jesus, half the activities I do each week is because someone invited me to it on Facebook.

Mashable’s survey represents barely 5,000 respondents, which means how many tens of thousands saw the survey and said what I’ve basically said here and just didn’t fill it out. (Of course, the #1 answer is still "I like Facebook. I’m staying.")

Mashable's Facebook quitters graph