Big Boi’s ‘Shutterbugg’ Video Is Strangely Dignified But Fun As Hell

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Big Boi

Big Boi! Summer jamz! You’ve probably already heard this track on the LaLa’s or the Pandoras but we just got wind of the video and it’s most dope. Why is it most dope? Because of how understated it is. How can a fully staffed puppet band, a shoe mountain and After Effects 101: Splicing Things Up can be understated? I don’t know. It has that effortless quality videos have when they’re not shoving the very expensive FX, the very expensive choreographed routine, or the very expensive club/hotel/Persian palace [?] it was shot in in your face. It’s just Big Boi, one swimsuited honey and rainbow hoop-d making a music in a warehouse. Yes, it costs more than all of our inheritances combined, it’s not the most austere music video ever made, and no – the video isn’t quite as good as the song. It just has that fun, laid-back sensibility that gets you hooked. I don’t even know anymore. Watch the thing.