According to Wikipedia, McDonald's has something like 400,000 employees. And yet, they weren't able to prevent something like...this from slipping through the cracks.

McDonald's Shrek-themed ad for a McFlurry with an accidentally dirty message.

And you thought the milkshakes that didn't actually have milk in them were gross. This gets even worse if you imagine that's Shrek's O-face, which is just really horrendous and not something I want to know about any beloved cartoon character. Well, maybe Prince Eric.

(That being said, would I put this McFlurry in my mouth (hehe (ew))? Yes.)


Commentarium (3 Comments)

May 27 10 - 10:07am

We all know the dirty things you'd do to Aladdin. *Trying to think of a good Genie pun*

May 27 10 - 1:26pm

oh my god mint aero candy bars are freaking amazing. i would totally put this in my mouth.

May 28 10 - 4:21pm

so much drama for this?