Last Links: Creepiest Use of Where’s Waldo Ever

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The girls of Go Fug Yourself put together this excellent gallery on Vulture tracing sword-and-sandal abs from classics like Spartacus to, uh…"not classics" like Prince of Persia.

We know this ad was well meaning, but isn’t there a less creepy way to warn about the dangers of pedophiles than by referencing Where’s Waldo?

Feeling kind of anxious these days, what with the oil spills and the volcanoes and the escalating tensions between North and South Korea? Gawker’s gone to the trouble of listing out all the wonderful prescription drugs you can take to make it all better.

We’re not sure what’s going on in this drag act from the Philippines, but we know we won’t be forgetting about it any time soon.

According to this elegantly designed chart, Jon Mayer’s penis is approximately six degrees away from… Hollywood. All of Hollywood.

We’re not teetotalers here at Scanner, but there are some kinds of drinking we would discourage. Like the kind that you do through your eyes what the fuck?!