Matt Lauer’s Possible Mistress Was Once A Man Named Stuart

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Lawyer Gloria Allred and Matt Lauer's possible mistress Alexis Houston who was once a man named Wellington.To be quite honest, there’s a lot going on in this story and I’m a bit confused. Let’s run down all the pertinent bits of information and see if we can get it all sorted out:

Okay, so…those are the facts? Much like the final season of Lost, this story’s answers only lead to more questions! (Must get out as many Lost references as possible before they get passe, obviously.) Questions like: how many names does one realistically need if one is not a spy? Also, is Alexis maybe actually related to Whitney Houston? That seems like a very stupid lie to make up just to help your recording career. But my biggest question, of course, is what comes next? Because you know stories like this one only fall further down the rabbit hole.