Six Things That Look Like 50 Cent After His Weight Loss

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When I saw the picture of 50 Cent after he lost a lot of weight for an upcoming movie role, my first thought was, "This seems somehow familiar." (Okay, not true: my first thought was "AHHH!" Because seriously, he lost so much weight. That’s some dedication to the craft right there.) For reference, here’s Mr. Jackson himself:

Anyway, it turns out it was familiar, because these six things all look like the super-skinny 50 Cent:

1. Thumb

2. Tootsie Pop Turtle

3. Mr. Burns As An Alien

4. Talosian

5. Resident Evil Zombie

6. DMX’s Mugshot

Seriously though, that final one is kind of scarily similar. Can we get a side-by-side? Of course we can:

Please gain the weight back soon, Curtis! You were much cuter before.