Space Jam Is Based On Mayan Lore, Says Academia

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Mayan Temple

I wrote three different papers about Leatherface (signifier) in college because I took a lot of bullshit media and semiotics classes and because I thought it was funny. Thankfully, this kind of behavior ended freshman year and every Texas Chainsaw Massacre paper thereafter was measured and serious. Kidding. I only wrote about Bladerunner for the next three years. It meant nothing.

But one grad student, who has either received a considerable fellowship to write this paper or payed out-of-pocket to write this paper, wrote a paper about Space Jam. Space Jam. Someone has a great $50,000-a-year sense of humor. Her paper has something to do with a Mayan deity named Popol Vuh. But she is "not claiming that the creators of Looney Tunes consciously and/or deliberately modeled their creations after other cultures’ tales (although they may have)…" I appreciate the gesture of honesty, of not claiming to have all the answers even if you have evidence to the contrary. But when one cracks open a pdf of a grad student’s Space Jam paper, one expects answers.

***Correction: I’m sorry. I misread. This is not the work of a grad student. This is the work of a former gay rights activist and linguistics professor, says Chicagoist. I would go back and edit but then I’d have to change jokes around and the grad school thing is much funnier and less wink-y than if a professor had written it.

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