Andy Richter Update: The ‘Pyramid’ Game Show And ‘Just For Laughs’ Festival

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Andy Richter holding the NBC peacock

Andy Richter is on the upswing again. The man is a human boomerang: show picked up, show canceled, show picked up, and the cycle goes on. (I guess it was only three times.) But now CBS may give him the host slot of an updated version the Pyramid game show which sounds great (go Andy!), although I’ve never actually seen one of its many other versions. But if the show gets picked up he’ll be splitting his time between that and Conan’s show on TBS. Speaking of TBS, they’re shooting Richter, O’Brien and writers for a one-time only performance of "Team Coco Presents Conan’s Writers Live" at Just For Laughs festival in Chicago (which will air on the network many times, we imagine).