Uh Oh: Now Fox Has Sex Advice From Satisfied Ladies…

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satisfied woman after sex 

Remember the other day when I brought you the hilarious post Fox News Offers Us ‘Tips From Guys Who Are Having Great Sex’. That’s all right, I don’t remember it either… but reading this morning’s "Sex Tips from 10 Girls Having Great Sex" on Fox brought it all back home. 

This time, they may have gotten a few decent tips out of their readers/viewers. Let’s have a peep in the proverbial window, shall we?

Good sex for women is enhanced by a beautiful room that’s devoid of treadmills, laptops on the nightstands, or a huge TV taking up all the visual space in the room.

"My tips for great sex use the acronym W.E.T. W=Willingness to try new things. E=Enthusiasm for your partner. T=Time. Sex just gets better and better over time."

"Tell the truth! I’m in a relationship now where we are completely honest and forthcoming with one another. The sex — specifically my pleasure and ability to climax — is through the roof!"

Don’t fake O’s! I know so many women who fake them who are almost proud of their performances, then they will go on to complain how their guy doesn’t please them or finishes before they do.

"A little naughty talk never hurts — doesn’t have to be nasty — but most men enjoy the encouragement."

Woah! Where did they find all these open-minded liberal types who have healthy sex lives? Click here to read the rest… before Rupert’s goons take it down for being off-message.