How Do You Feel About This French, Gay-Themed McDonald’s Ad?

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I am of two minds. The first mind, and the far more emotional one, is basically just going "Awwwwwwwwwwww" ad infinitum. (I know my own emotional weak spots.) But the other, more cynical mind is saying, "Hey, isn’t McDonald’s still the same unfeeling, multi-national fast-food chain that created the horror known as the McRib?" Before I go on, why don’t you watch the ad:

It’s tricky, right? Should McDonald’s — or any company — get credit for running this kind of inclusive, progressive ad, full stop? Should only French McDonald’s? Is it more important that this is still a marketing ploy to sell us mass-produced, environmentally harmful junk food? Is the fact that this ad can be both things still a hopeful sign of progress for our society? To paraphrase Barbie, thinking is hard. So help me out here and choose one:

A) The ad is super-cute, stop over-thinking it.

B) The ad is a nice sign that even corporations are becoming more accepting, but it is still McDonald’s, so eh.

C) The ad is just emotionally manipulative way to sell more Fillet o’ Fish.

D) I want some french fries.

Your assistance, as usual, will be much appreciated.

 Via Buzzfeed.