Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Is An Expert At Making Things Worse

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Michelle Bombshell McGee, mistress of Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James, poses topless.

I know everyone’s asking why she is in any way famous, but she really is a master in the field of making things worse. Lots of people who have risen to the top of their field — whether they be CEOs, scientists, lawyers, etc. — have achieved a level of celebrity not usually bestowed upon their colleagues. So being one of the foremost Worse Makers in the U.S. would naturally merit McGee some public interest.

In fact, McGee recently traveled to Canada to, I assume, give some lectures at McGill on the art of Worse Making. While there, she made some time to sit down with CTV’s Lainey Lui, and delivered a stunning example of her craft:

McGee: "I guess one could view it that way. I don’t believe it’s racism at all."
Lainey: "You don’t believe wearing a Nazi costume indicates racism?"
McGee: "No not racism. Anti-Semitism? Yes. If that was the intention of putting the costume on."
Lainey: "Anti-Semitism is prejudice against Jews, which is actually racism."
McGee: "Oh OK, well that’s your view on that. I don’t see it that way."

It could take one’s breath away, this virtuosity. But she wasn’t even done!

McGee: "In a twisted type of way, I guess Sandra should be thankful that I did come forward and let her know that her husband did cheat on her." 

Bravo! Bravissimo! I cannot wait until Jesse James and McGee finally agree to co-teach a comprehensive Worse Making course at the Learning Annex. I will, obviously, be first in line.

Via PopEater.